SFI Certified

SFI Certification

Design Printing is SFI certified since December 2008 and its current certification is valid through December 30, 2013.

We are proud of meeting the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives (SFI) standards for program requirements for fiber sourcing, chain of custody and product labels as a commercial printer.

Green Eco Facts

Different grades of paper are recycled into different types of new products. Old newspapers are usually made into new newsprint, egg cartons, or paperboard.

High-grade white office paper can be made into almost any new paper product: stationery, newsprint, magazines or books.

Design Printing recycles its paper and cardboard waste and participates in a metal plate recycling program.

SFI-certified, we assure that we give back to the earth.

Design Printing is an FSC & SFI Certified Printer

You’ve probably noticed that green is everywhere these days, in the news, politics, fashion and even technology. Many current customers are asking in what ways “a partnership” with Design Printing could provide a higher level of environmental responsibility.

Design Printing is able to offer environmentally licensed logos that show your company’s concern to the future of our forests!

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