Why Direct Mail Works

Direct mail marketing is as viable and effective as it ever was, but how and why does it work in today’s online marketing arena? Direct mail marketing is typically highly targeted and designed to reach those who are most likely to respond to a specific offer or event. It’s hands on as the designated recipient will physically touch and, therefore, likely read and act on the intended message. And it’s visually attractive, particularly because available formats (postcards, brochures, invitations, catalogs) are numerous and varied.

Design First, Mail Second

At Design Printing, we know that a postcard is a very easy way to get attention. Your message is seen at a glance without having to be opened by either the click of a mouse or a pen knife. And your information is seen as it was intended to be seen, whereas emails may be opened on any one of a variety of devices which determine how your image is displayed. With a printed postcard, your colors remain vibrant, your text crisp and clear, and your message direct.

Short Run Jobs

Large Volume Printing

Many people tend to think volume when they consider a commercial printer. Printing by the thousands of pieces, brochures, newsletters, postcards, hangtags and cards. And of course, commercial printing only makes sense with large volume jobs. As the number of pieces goes up, the cost per piece goes down and often really significantly. This allows the client to have as many booklets and pamphlets around as needed.

Short Runs Printing Jobs


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