Design First, Mail Second

At Design Printing, we know that a postcard is a very easy way to get attention. Your message is seen at a glance without having to be opened by either the click of a mouse or a pen knife. And your information is seen as it was intended to be seen, whereas emails may be opened on any one of a variety of devices which determine how your image is displayed. With a printed postcard, your colors remain vibrant, your text crisp and clear, and your message direct.

What to Put on Your Postcard

  • According to the 2010 Vertis Marketing Study, 72% of adults said they have replied to direct mail pieces that contained a "buy one, get one free" offer.
  • The word "free" is more appealing to people than a discount.
  • 63% of people also indicated they have responded to direct mail that offered a percentage discount on a purchase.

How Important of an Impression will Printing Make?

Life is all about communication: how important, how fast and how clear. But we often forget how quickly can appear and disappear: For example:

· An email can last 5 seconds.

· A cell phone can last 18 months.

· A computer can last 5 years.

Which of these can be added to memories or scrapbooks? None of them.

· A postcard can last for as long as you want to see it.

· An invitation can last for 12-14 weeks.

· A book can last for decades, and more.

· A love letter lasts forever.

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