Your Green Partner Design Printing Recycling Bins

Design Printing Los Angeles owners and brothers Paul Bina & Bijan Bina know that using recycled papers and vegetable based inks is only part of the story. Although, of course, they use high post-consumer recycled content, non-chlorine-bleached and “treeless” papers whenever possible. And because in most jobs, vegetable based inks work just fine, Design Printing avoids inks containing heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury, which are commonly used to produce some bright colors.

Choose Paper That is Locally Recyclable

Ask for Recycled Paper. Help complete the recycling loop. Recycled paper may cost a bit more, but you can offset these costs by preventing waste printing fewer copies and fitting more words on each page. Remember to ask about the recycled content and the postconsumer content of the paper. Fifty percent postconsumer means that half of the paper is made of materials that were consumed and recycled. If the postconsumer content of recycled paper is not specified, it is probably made from manufacturing wastes which have not made a complete loop.

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