metal plate recycling

Green Eco Facts

Different grades of paper are recycled into different types of new products. Old newspapers are usually made into new newsprint, egg cartons, or paperboard.

High-grade white office paper can be made into almost any new paper product: stationery, newsprint, magazines or books.

Design Printing recycles its paper and cardboard waste and participates in a metal plate recycling program.

SFI-certified, we assure that we give back to the earth.

More than Just Paper

Did you know that any metal plates we create are recycled as well? As is cardboard, and all other materials not used in printing. Less waste is just that, less. The need for first quality printed materials is as great as it has ever been, now our desire to create lasting memorable printed pieces with conservations of air, water, trees, energy and money. Let us know you how to Be Green and Be Thrilled with your products.

Short Run Jobs

Large Volume Printing

Many people tend to think volume when they consider a commercial printer. Printing by the thousands of pieces, brochures, newsletters, postcards, hangtags and cards. And of course, commercial printing only makes sense with large volume jobs. As the number of pieces goes up, the cost per piece goes down and often really significantly. This allows the client to have as many booklets and pamphlets around as needed.

Short Runs Printing Jobs

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