How to Print, Be Green and Save Money

Beginning in August, Design Printing will be hosting a monthly tour and short information session on the how’s and why’s of green printing for artists, designers, communication directors and everyone who needs printing. We will show how to make the best choices of papers, finishes and styles to give your ad book, look book, invitation, brochure, catalogues and flyers that irresistible polish while keeping a close eye on budget and the planet.

How Important of an Impression will Printing Make?

Life is all about communication: how important, how fast and how clear. But we often forget how quickly can appear and disappear: For example:

· An email can last 5 seconds.

· A cell phone can last 18 months.

· A computer can last 5 years.

Which of these can be added to memories or scrapbooks? None of them.

· A postcard can last for as long as you want to see it.

· An invitation can last for 12-14 weeks.

· A book can last for decades, and more.

· A love letter lasts forever.

BizBash Event

Design Printing, Los Angeles was proud to be a sponsor at this June’s BizBash Expo. It was a fantastic show of vendors and ideas for event and meeting planners, with many exciting ideas and creative designs. As a major printer for so many of Los Angeles’s premier events for nonprofits we were thrilled to meet so many current clients as well as new ones.

Despite the proliferation of so much online communication, there is nothing like a beautiful invitation received in the mail and a well-designed and produced catalogue or tribute book to make your event look its best.

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