How to create a a printable PDF

Many of you already know how to create a print-ready PDF. Creating a printable PDF that bleeds however can be a different story. The simple guidelines below will help to create a bleedable PDF so you’ll never have a problem with bleeds again.

Instructions for PDFing your document can vary, so we’ve include the most popular design software instructions below.


To Bleed or Not to Bleed

The most common use of the term “bleed” will usually refer to an unpleasant and often painful encounter. In the print business, a bleed actually refers to an image in your print piece that extends all the way to the edge of a page rather than one that is set up with a border. An additional 1/8 of an inch is generally allotted to allow for shift during the trimming stage. Proper file setup and correct image placement is imperative for a bleed to appear professional.

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