Green Printing

More than a fad, “green printing” and "going green" have finally become a full-scale movement. The printing industry has been one of the first to acknowledge the need for more thoughtful stewardship of our forested areas and more aggressive recycling programs. Design Printing has acquired and maintains certifications that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to recycling from the ground up.

Going green is also smart business. Design Printing has found that “Green Printing” is actually more cost-effective than you might think. Recycled papers and vegetable-based inks not only emit fewer emissions, but they are easier and cleaner to recycle. Re-engineering how images are laid out on the press utilizes more of the print surface area, eliminating waste. Creative use of papers and cardboards with and without coatings can minimize constant reprinting and waste. Design Printing employs cutting edge technology, allowing us to complete projects more efficiently and produce designs that are rich in color and clarity – resulting in environmentally conscious end products that resonate with customers.